Canon wanted us to get FTSE 100 IT Directors into a room with them to discuss their usage of printing and copying technologies.

To get IT Directors on board we came up with a key insight. Nobody really thinks about who IT Directors are.

So we asked to get a glimpse of their lives, sending out a digital camera mail pack with a personalised prerecorded message from the CEO of Canon UK inviting them to have their portrait taken by some of the UK's best photographers.


The DM pack garnered a 17.5% response and everyone who had their picture taken turned up to the live gallery event we organised.

With other relationships cemented in the weeks to follow the event, BAA signed up on the night itself, a multimillion pound deal that made this glimpse a very profitable one.

  • Creative, Art Direction, Design, Typography, DM, Gallery Book, Event Marketing

Roberto Kauffman. Travelling to work. Soho.

Bo Olofsson. Enjoys Ali G.


Thomas Kadri. Trading in the markets.

Berwick Street Market.

Tony Bayliss. Runs a tight ship.


Jim Stone. Big Fan. Upton Park.

Richard Rundle. Loves Cold Feet. London.

Follow up DM galley book of the event.

Printed using Canon Image Press